China Manufacturing

Applied product Design has spent the last few years developing its relationships with numerous factories and facilities in China. We have done this as many of our clients require assistance with the services we offer below, as it can be a very daunting task to setup these services from scratch by themselves, and very often it would not be cost effective if only done for one or two projects. Much as many people are well aware of the potential savings that there may be from manufacturing in China, this is not always the case when the various hidden costs are factored in. For instance if you were wanting to setup the manufacturing of just one product, you would probably have to factor in the cost of at least one visit to China, potential translation of any documentation, shipping of samples or prototypes before production began, management of the quality, and then finally the shipping of the finished product.

Manufacturing in China

To assist with all of the above Applied Product Design offer a fully managed service in China. We employ someone based in China to liaise with the factories that we use, which can assist when sourcing any new components or facilities that we may require, and then communicating with them. In addition to this the management in the UK make regular visits to the factories and facilities that we use in order that we can oversee the production of any products that we are having manufactured there.

The key services that we can offer our clients in China are as follows:-

Component Sourcing

There are many jobs that we have done where the complete manufacturing was not required in China. In these cases Applied Product Design sourced only those components requested by the client. These components in some cases were already being manufactured in China, or if to a custom design, we sent drawings of the client's requirements, either supplied by the client or drawn by ourselves. By sourcing only components in China we are able to reduce costs whilst keeping the final assembly and testing in the UK. This can often be beneficial if there are many variants of a product, yet they have common components.


There are occasions when manufacturing prototypes off shore can also be cost effective, especially if they are labour intensive, or if the finished product is required to be manufactured in China. Some clients may be wary of manufacturing so far away from the UK, in which case this is a good way of testing the water. Most production jobs we also arrange for prototypes or samples to be produced which are sent to the UK for approval prior to full production commencing.


Applied Product design has now set up many clients with tooling in China. This has been for a wide variety of processes, including the following:-

  • Injection moulding
  • Metalwork
  • Machining
  • Electronics


The production of the various products that we have manufactured in China is completely managed by ourselves. The client places the order with our facility in the UK and then we then arrange everything else through to where the goods are required to be delivered. This can either be for products that we designed ourselves on behalf of the client, or for products that client may have designed themselves.

Whatever your requirements are for manufacturing in China, you can be certain that Applied Product Design will be able to help. Please view our Contacts Page, or fill in our online form as soon as possible to start things moving.

Outsourcing in China & Offshore Manufacturing

With challenging economic times faced by all kinds of businesses, outsourcing in China can present a highly cost effective way to bring fresh ideas to the market. Offshore manufacturing like this means that UK firms can take advantage of current opportunities, and are ready for the economic upturn with exciting new products. With a range of well-equipped offshore manufacturing facilities and a highly motivated, skilled labour force, there has never been a better time to capitalise on manufacturing and outsourcing in China.