Computer Appliance

What is the definition of a Computer Appliance?

A Computer Appliance is a software device that provides a specific range of functions that are generally run on a hardware platform of their own.

Conventionally general purpose operating systems were used to run all computing functions written as software applications. An end user would then buy a computer system, install an operating system or configure an existing operating system, and finally install one or more applications within the operating system.

Computer Solution

Applied Product Design can assist the client in the following areas:-

  • Specifying hardware for a Computer Appliance, Computer Solution or Industrial PC.
  • Designing a computer chassis, computer enclosure or rackmount enclosure in a variety of materials.
  • Designing any required interfaces.
  • Design registration of products or Patents as required.
  • Prototyping any individual components or the complete Computer Appliance design.
  • Writing any required technical data or CE files.
  • Ensuring the computer solution meets the required standards, by either in house testing, or overseeing its testing with the required test house facilities, depending on the clients requirements.
  • Organise custom designed or off the shelf packaging materials.
  • Produce the finished computer solution in the required volume from a one off, through to high volume.

Industrial PC

What kind of product would you like designed?

  • Do you have a software product that you would like to turn into a Computer Appliance or Industrial PC?
  • Do you require a rackmount computer chassis to a custom design to meet specific requirements or a corporate design?
  • You may already have an Industrial PC design that you require manufacturing?
  • Computer Appliance, Media box, Industrial PC / computer design.
  • Point of sale industrial computers & displays
  • We have the skills and facilities to help move your project forward, get it designed, and get it into production.
  • Why use someone else’s computer solution, when you can have one to your own design?


What would you like to include in your design?

  • Rackmount, Wall mount, Desk mount?
  • LCD Display, Removable drives, Quiet operation?
  • Custom electronics or interfaces?
  • Microsoft Windows, Linux or Open Source?
  • Let us know exactly what your requirements are?

We will make sure your product meets the required standards and directives.

  • EN / IEC 60950 - Safety Standards
  • EN55022:1998 & EN55024:1998 EMC requirements
  • RoHS & WEEE Directives - Hazardous substances & Electrical waste.
  • CE - Writing of technical files for your product.
  • Compliance with any other standards required by your product, or the country you wish to market it in.


We can take your Computer Appliance ideas right through to a finished and packed product ready to send straight out to your customers.

How many would you like to make?

Typical pre production quantities 5 - 10 units.

Production quantities 50 - 100 and upward per batch - whether per day, week, month or year!

Whatever your requirements are, then please get in touch so that we can get your project underway.

We look forward to hearing from you.