Dragons Den

The Dragons' Den TV series is a platform for inventors and entrepreneurs to present their ideas to "The Dragons" (The Investors) in the hope of obtaining their financial backing and expertise in helping get a product to market. The Dragons' Den investors are looking to invest their own money into individuals, companies and their ideas, in return for equity in the venture.

Recently launched has been an online version of the TV show, with the difference being that there are only 2 Dragons and there is a limit on investment of £50,000. Each week a different pitch is heard, and then shown on the BBC’s Dragons’ Den website.

Applied Product Design has been approached by numerous companies and individuals to help develop their products or ideas into a suitable format for the popular Dragons' Den BBC TV series.

This help has included assistance with protecting their intellectual property by helping write and apply for Patents, Design Registration, Trademarks and Copyright as applicable, as without protection when a product is shown to the Dragons, whether televised or not it puts the product or idea into the public domain. As such with no protection the product or idea is at risk from copying.

Sorting out the protection of your intellectual property is however often only the first step. Some ideas that are brought to us are just that "Ideas". Often drawings are required, followed by prototypes for testing. If everything is successful then we can help with the required stages to get a product production ready. This can be from small pre production runs in the UK through to high volume production with tooling set up off shore in places like China to enable large numbers to be produced at low cost. All that the customer has to do then is sit and wait for the containers to arrive.

With series 7 of Dragon's Den now underway, now is the ideal time to get your product or idea ready for the next series! There is still time to sort out the intellectual property, refine the product or idea, get models or samples made, even get the production started in the UK or off shore. Then all you need to do is get the application form in! Go through to our contacts page, or fill in our online form. The sooner you can get in contact with Applied Product Design the sooner it will be possible to help get things moving.

Dragons' Den Financing

Dragons' Den is just one method of trying to find finance for a particular project, however there are many more. The government often has various schemes available to assist in the financing of new business and ideas. Alternatives also include Venture Capitalists, Banks and other funding organisations. If you have a great idea, and not only need help with the design, development and production, then you never know Applied Product Design may also be able to assist with the financing of it as well!

A brief list of some of the places that funding or funding advice may be found:-

  • Government schemes for grants, enterprise grants and loans
  • Princes Trust
  • Federation of Small Business
  • Business Link
  • J4b
  • New Business
  • Dragons' Den
  • Angels Den
  • Speedfunding
  • A Bank
  • Venture Capitalist
  • Finance from family or friends

We look forward to hearing from you. Please use the details on our contacts page, or fill in our online form.