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New Off-Ice Skating Launches in London

June 16th, 2011

Media and press interest in the Off-Ice Skate has been increasing following the product’s launch in London on the 25th May. The Off-Ice skates mean that people can learn to do the same manoeuvres, jumps and spins that were previously reserved for traditional ice skaters and ice rinks. The product, which was developed with the assistance of Applied product design, means people can enjoy a very similar experience to ice skating without having to pay to go on a rink. They can in fact off-ice skate on any smooth, flat surface.

Business partners Karen Coombes and Karen O’Neill came up with the idea and took the concept to Dragon’s Den in 2009. As the product drew more attention it won new fans in the form of British figure skating champion Mathew Parr together with the Dan Whiston, the winner of ITV’s Dancing On Ice program.

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An Evolve Media World First at CES 2011

February 21st, 2011

The world’s most stylish media server manufacturer, the United Kingdom’s Evolve Media, push the boundaries of the high end connected home with one of the first software devices to use the Windows Embedded Standard 7 platform for use exclusively within their award winning ‘life’ range of products. On show in partnership with Microsoft at CES, available for demonstration to the media at the Microsoft booth.

LONDON– Evolve Media, the industry’s most exciting and stylish custom media server manufacturer from the United Kingdom, announced today the launch of their all new embedded software media servers designed for integration into the connected home. The new software platform, dubbed ‘PRIME’, brings advancement through Windows Embedded Standard 7 technologies to its award winning products, including the lifeStation, lifeStream and lifeStream mini.

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What HiFi Continues Praise Of Evolve LifeStation

November 12th, 2010

Following T3’s recent highly positive review of the Evolve LifeStation, What HiFi has re-iterated the qualities of this high-end media centre in its December issue. The review – A media centre PC for the rest of us – point out that many attempts to create the ultimate media centre have fallen short of expectations, but that the LifeStation actually delivers. Applied Product Design are particularly happy to see the continued buzz about this dazzling piece of kit, since the team worked alongside Passive Technologies in order bring the product to market. And unlike many examples of high end technology currently on the market, the LifeStation was designed and built entirely in the UK.

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New Product Design: Evolve LifeStation Gets Big Ticks From T3!

October 11th, 2010

After the successful release of the UK made Evolve LifeStation, the acclaimed gadget publication T3 has released a dazzling review of the one room AV hub entitled, ‘Evolve LifeStation: 10 Reasons to buy now’ The article is fuelling the buzz about this high end entertainment hub and the team at T3 seem pretty impressed, much to our delight as Applied product design worked with Passive Technologies to design and manufacture the model – all inside the UK!

As far as entertainment hubs go, the new Evolve LifeStation has to be the pick of the bunch. We found the project challenging as the end product speaks for itself; the LifeStation is a media server the likes of which few living rooms have seen before.

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UV Water Sterilisation Product Design Wins UK Heat Of Dyson Award

August 31st, 2010

An inspiring piece of product design has come out of Loughborough University – a new drinking water sterilisation device that uses UV light to eliminate bacteria. The design was dreamt up by Timothy Whitehead, and has won the UK heat of the Dyson Award.

The new product sterilises water in just 90 seconds, much quicker than the 30 minutes that traditional chlorine and iodine tablets take – and without leaving a nasty taste.

As Timothy says: ‘I began to experiment with using ultraviolet light to sterilise water quickly, without any distortion to taste.’

Attaining clean drinking water is a very big issue in the developing world and in disaster situations where clean drinking water is very hard to come by. The design will be going up against international heat finalists for the main award – who wins will be decided by Dyson engineers, international judges and James Dyson himself.

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Surviva Jak – Heat Reflective Product Design Featured on Dragon’s Den

August 24th, 2010

Surviva Jak - thrills festival goers at RocknessSome people might be skeptical about the benefits brought about by space exploration, but the Surviva Jak may go some way towards dispelling those feelings. The heat-reflective jacket has been developed to keep the body warm in all kinds of weathers – particularly aimed at those who might find themselves lost or stranded outdoors, such as hikers. The jacket recently appeared on BBC Dragon’s Den – the Roadtests.

The shiny, flashy nature of the Surviva Jak – due to the fact it is made of aluminium covered PET – raised a few eyebrows among festival goers at this year’s Rockness Festival, where the BBC took the Jak. The fashion conscious were a little wary of the jacket’s cyber-feel, but ultimately warmed to the product’s heat keeping qualities.

Anyone who’s ever found themselves lost or caught short without enough warm layers, is likely to see how beneficial this item might be. If you missed the Roadtests, you can watch it at

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Wind Simplicity’s Windancer Product Design Features In Taschen Survey

August 17th, 2010

Canadian company Wind Simplicity has been independently selected for Tachsen’s new global survey of sustainable products.

The fetching and rather unique design of the Windancer has evidently caught the eye of the book’s editor, with its combination of looks and functionality. This piece of product design is noiseless, highly efficient and compact – addressing some of the key issues that have turned off potential wind power users in the past.

At Applied Product Design we love to see innovations such as this, especially when such products contribute to the solving of some of the world’s major problems. Products that aim to answer some of the key problems of the future have an even greater chance of success. If you have a concept for a piece of sustainable energy equipment – or indeed any other type of product that meets a demand – get in touch today.

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Infant Seat Product Design: Mothercare to Stock mamaRoo

July 27th, 2010

Until you see the 4Mums mamaRoo in the flesh, you’d be forgiven for thinking that infant seating was no more interetsing than a wooden high chair. But this looks like something you would see in a science fiction film, this new seat, however, is a reality. The seat has been designed to sway and move much like a parent would, with several different motions and five different nature sounds.

The new product has been available in the USA for a while already – with 300 retailers having taken on the seat. Now UK customers will be able to purchase the new seat too, retailing at £199 in Mothercare.

In order to be more attractive to UK buyers, the name was changed from 4moms mamaRoo to 4mums mamRoo. The seat looks set to be a popular product, having won several awards including The National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval, 2010.

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‘Design Key To Future UK Wealth’: Design Council

July 13th, 2010

The Chief Executive of the Design Council, David Kester, has said that the design sector can be ‘the key to unlocking UK innovation and future wealth creation.”

The future of Britain’s economy is perhaps under more scrutiny now than it ever has been – as the realisation that over reliance on the financial and service sectors is more than a little risky. There was perhaps a time when it was believed that the UK was not the place to build things any longer – but the recession seems to have altered that view.

It seems certain that future wealth creation will rely on what traditionally Britons have been very good at – innovation. Coming up with new product design ideas that fulfil a demand in the market can lead to long term job creation in various fields.

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New Dragon’s Den Series Showcases Exciting UK Product Design

July 9th, 2010

As the new series of Dragon’s Den approaches, we are once again reminded of the huge number of people out there who are passionate about a myriad of different product ideas. From what we can garner, the new series (Wednesday 14th July, 21:00, BBC 2)  looks set to be the most explosive yet, with the Dragons all looking to get maximum value from the ideas they eventually invest in. Among the highlights are a Devon-based vineyard, and an innovative approach to re-designing the nation’s road signs.

Despite the economic challenges that face all business people, the Dragons know that the best way to keep ahead of the competition is to continually find new ideas that help to address specific problems –and make lots of money along the way. For any developed nation, it is of course paramount that it’s resident are as inventive as possible – and the new Dragon’s Den series looks set to demonstrate just how inventive the UK still is.

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