Revolutionary Product Design: Driving the Thunderbird into the Canyon

Posted: July 22nd, 2009

Design studio Mike and Maiike are the first to admit they love the muscle cars of the past. But according to these forward-thinking designers  – Dutch and Californian respectively – it’s time to grow up and revolutionise the way we travel.


The product development they’ve been conducting is sure to shock many of us who like the old fashioned driving experience. An experience, say the designers, that has not changed significantly since the 1960s. They seem to have taken every facet of what we think of as a car, and driven it off a cliff.

The AutoNoMobile, or Atnmbl, seems to be designed to take the entire driving experience away from the car owner altogether. With its spacious interior and windows that cover almost the entire left and right sides – this car looks like the ipod of the personal transport world. A matrix of glowing lights are the answer to traditional rear lights, while the idea of looking out of the front of the vehicle has been completely removed; passengers sit facing each other as the car moves.

This bold product development might be described as a small moving sitting room, designed to remove the task of driving completely – and with it the stresses of urban car journeys altogether. Simply input your destination along with the level of urgency (if any) – and away you go! A shiny, super-futuristic exterior is matched by loungey interior comfort – complimented by a cute little coffee table for good measure.

No driving licence is required for this machine, where access for the disabled and elderly would be particularly easy. The design also proposes a feature whereby the car will drop the passengers off before parking itself – surely one of the most annoying aspects of driving eradicated? And to win over the Designated Driver with a chip on their shoulder – how about the mini bar? Drunk driving has never been so legal.

product design such as this is unlikely to influence those traditionalists at GM or Ford – but given the state of their factories, as well as environmental concerns, everything points to the need for some kind of revolution. The Atnmbl is arguably the kind of drastic change of course required in order to decongest our roads-and our lungs.

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