Kaputt R. Demolition Robot Brings Down the House

Posted: July 23rd, 2009

kaputt2It might look like something you’d find lurking around some science fiction space ship. But the Kaputt. R. Demolition Robot is a piece of product design that has been dreamt up very recently by a certain Tony Weichselbraun.

This striking yellow-and-black concept looks like a relation of animated creation Wall-e, and much like the rubbish-stacking Disney character, the Kaputt. R. robot also has a very practical function. It has two demolition arms that fold out, counter-balanced by enough weight to ensure they can tear walls down with ease.

Driven by 4 electric caterpillar tracks, this piece of robotic muscle can disperse its weight across a wide area – crucial when the floor beneath might be unstable.

Weichselbraun has dreamt up a range of useful tools that can be attached to the Kaputt. R, including a plow, a buzz-saw – and high precision tools such as the Powergun. Inspired by long standing explosive demolition techniques, this propane gas powered shock wave tool makes light work of even the most stubborn wall. It effectively creates holes in the given wall, weakening it enough for the demolition arms to pull it down.

You can just imagine these advanced looking pieces of product development in their dozens, busily pulling down disused buildings. One of the main benefits of using the R Kaput is that it would remove the risk of injuries or fatalities when structures are being pulled down.

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