New ESPRIMO Tablet PC Wins iF Product Development Award

Posted: August 5th, 2009

Fujitsu was recently awarded the coveted iF (International Forum) product design Award for its ESPRIMO series of mobile computers. One of the products in this series is the ESPRIMO MA notebook, designed specifically for the health sector.Fujitsu Product Development

Fujitsu’s substantial investment in product design appears to have paid off for the company, as the health sector tablet PC in particular has met some challenging design brief criteria.

The notebook had to fit in with the way hospitals and medical facilities hold hygiene as a top priority – that is, making it easily cleanable and not likely to harbour germs.

The result is a striking, cutting edge looking piece of technology that meets the d

urability standards required by the health profession. The touch-screen basis of the product and the simple fact that it does not need to be opened like a traditional laptop, makes it a very easy to use piece of product design.

The ESPRIMO series brings together the needs of both the general business user and those of health care professionals.

The success of the product demonstrates that Fujitsu’s ambitious product development investment plans have borne fruit.

Highly innovative products such as these only come to market when a significant amount of time and effort has been ploughed into them.

Here at Applied Product Design we share many of the values represented by products such as these, so if you have a unique product concept that could benefit from professional development, contact us now and let us help ensure your ideas become a reality.

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  1. Mason says:

    An ID student at the University of Houston designed this same thing 3 years ago in school. The school’s ID program is far more innovative then what people give credit for.

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