Latest in Jedi Product Development: Force Trainer

Posted: August 24th, 2009

It seems like a piece of product development that might be several decades, or perhaps a galaxy, away – but a new toy inspired by the Star Wars films actually allows you to control a ball with your mind. It’s true. This ultra futuristic piece of equipment is aimed at the 7-13 year old market, but the truth is that this unique toy will have as many adults enthralled by it.

Jedi Product DevelopmentThe system includes a headset and a unit containing a transparent tube. In this tube a Jedi ball can be raised or lowered by tiny jets of air from beneath. The headset uses dry sensor technology which can detect various kinds brainwaves in your head. Crazy, but true.

Alpha, Beta Gamma and Delta waves are flowing through us every day. According to the manufacturers the unit initially detects which of the four waves are dominant in your brain. After establishing this, it can detect any changes in wave type – which either raises or lowers the ball.

At Applied product design we think these kinds of products really push the boundaries of product design, so even if you have an idea that you think might be just a little bit too crazy – why not contact us and to if we can help. Mmmm. All about innovation we are.

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