Electrolux Design Lab Technology of the future

Posted: September 28th, 2009

The Electrolux Design Lab competition this month threw up some interesting, if a little scary, technological ideas.

First prize went to Cocoon, 27-year-old design student Rickard Hederstierna’s new invention which ‘grows’ meat and fish from a pre-mixed food packet containing muscle cells, oxygen and nutrients.cocoon

The Star Trek-esque idea was billed as having the potential to tackle the world’s impending food crisis, as well as meaning less animals being slaughtered.

It’s a controversial idea, and not one that everyone’s going to be comfortable with. But the food developed would have the make-up and the nutrients of real meat.

Equally fascinating was the sun lounger that cleans your clothes for you while you sit back and relax. It runs negative ions through the grass on its surface, which prompts self-cleaning chemicals in the clothes.

The cleaning of clothes is the bane of many people’s life, and so it was good to see the two-second clothing steamer which cleans and irons garments. A true time-saving appliance of the future. Designer Louis Filosa, who’s 23 and from Chicago, said that he wanted to turn the family laundry day into a laundry second.

How brilliant! Any technology which makes for an easy life is good technology in my opinion!

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