Nintendo Wii Fit Plus Pushes Gaming Product Development

Posted: October 1st, 2009

Nintendo has announced that its new Wii Fit Plus will be out in October. This updated version of the hugely popular Wii Fit is a prime piece of product development. Many gymnasiums, no doubt, around the country will not wish to see the continued success of the Wii Fit, as it keeps people away from their facilities and money out of their tills.

The success of the Nintendo Wii lies in its product design; they managed to put some very impressive technology into a very small piece of kit. Video games are notorious in many people’s minds for not promoting physical activity, so the Wii Fit was arguably a masterstroke in getting people off their sofas and getting actively involved in a video game.

Hula Hoop, one of the Wii Fit Plus’s new games, is meant to burn off 140kcal in half an hour.

The updated system will be available from October 4th – which is of course just in time for the holiday season, during which Nintendo will be looking to make big gains against their competitors Sony and Microsoft. In terms of main consoles, the PlayStation 3 will cost you £249, the Xbox Arcade can be picked up for £140, and the Nintendo Wii costs around £200. The actual Wii Fit Plus unit will retail for around £65.

Despite the recession, the lure of these video games consoles is still likely to attract some seriously big sales. When firms can come up with such attractive piece of electronic product design and still make money in a recession, you know they’re onto a good thing. And at Applied Product Design we pride ourselves on bringing great ideas to the market – so if you’ve got a big idea, why not contact us now to see how we can help.

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