Chinese Manufacturing Growth Benefits Product Design

Posted: October 26th, 2009

The decision to carry out manufacturing in China is one that many UK based companies are taking. Recent news that Chinese manufacturing as grown over the last six months demonstrates the extent to which the world takes advantage of China’s comprehensive factory options.

makersCompanies in the UK know that in many areas, the quality of China’s output has increased dramatically over recent years. With this in mind, manufacturing facilities in China can take on the whole spectrum of manufacturing, from the simplest household items to high technology items such as digital cameras and flat screen TVs.

Along with quality, China’s manufacturing facilities offer a level of price competitiveness that few other nations can match. The combination of quality and cost effectiveness has made China a great place to do business, and a place where entrepreneurs from the UK and indeed around the world see great opportunities in the country in terms of developing products that meet strong demand. In the past, the cost of manufacturing certain items in the UK or a western nation might have been prohibitive.

Here at Applied Product Design we embrace the many opportunities that China offers our clients. We have built a number of strong working relationships with manufacturing facilities in China, putting us in a strong position to organise the manufacturing of items at a speed few others can match. If you have a project that would benefit from our experience and contacts in this field, contact us now.

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