New Cool Crash Helmet Could Help Save Lives

Posted: December 9th, 2009

ThermaHelm technologyWhen you ride a motorcycle you have to accept that there is an element of risk involved. Obviously that risk can be significantly reduced if you take the appropriate precautions and wear the correct protective clothing and there have been several advances made recently thanks to the aid of advanced product design and product development which will help to further the innovation of safety for the mass motorcycle market.

One very important innovation has been made in the area of the crash or safety helmet. 90% of motorcycle fatalities are a result of injury from the neck up, ThermaHelm technology aims to reduce this.

In the event of a heavy crash where the user suffers a heavy blow to the head the brain can swell which in turn causes an increase in brain temperature. Once the temperature of the brain reaches a certain critical level it becomes unresponsive and shuts down causing the persons heart to flatline.

To stop this from happening a new gel pack has been fitted into the ThermaHelm crash helmet that activates upon receiving a heavy impact, the gel pack then works against the increase in brain temperature to maintain a consistent and managable level of heat, reducing the amount of damage caused to the brain before emergency services can attend.

These crucial minutes after an accident can be vital and anything that can be done to help save lives must be considered a step in the right direction. The law on what you must wear on a motorcycle is very vague at present, the only thing that you are legally forced to wear is a crash helmet, so we are still faced with silly scenes in the summer when people ride motorcycles in shorts and t-shirts. Obviously if you come off the bike in this situation you stand to lose a large portion of skin and it is likely that you could go into shock and die through blood loss.

Maybe we should spend some time improving the laws on acceptable clothing as opposed to the equipment. Although having said that, I’ll be off to purchase one of these helmets as soon as they are released.

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