Moto 2, New Rules, New Design, New Era

Posted: February 10th, 2010

It may still be almost 2 months until the season opener under the floodlights of Qatar, but the new Moto2 championship is already starting to hot up as testing is scheduled to get underway with fans and journalists alike waiting with baited breath for their first opportunity to view the new chassis’ and product design that people have come out with.

The basis for the new formula is to have a standardised 600cc Honda engine, which will in effect be similar to that of the CBR600RR engine with some slight performance tweaks. Another standard component will be the tyres which will all be Dunlop, as was similar in the 250cc formula which preceded it.

With standard tyres and engines, the only area where teams can gain an advantage is through hiring the correct rider and also by producing the perfect chassis to house the engine. Several team have already spent large sums of money evaluating the benefit of different product design ideas and chassis’ over the winter to bolster their overall position and move them to the front of the pack.

It is obviously a risky strategy to take as no one is quite sure how these new engines will handle in the chassis. At the first official test for the new series it was a former Honda CBR600RR used in World Supersport that managed to lap the circuit at Valencia quickest as opposed to all the new developments. However, that isn’t to suggest that the other teams won’t fight back with more advanced, lighter and more efficient product design ideas that will propel them to the front of the field in 2010.

Whatever happens and whoever is up the front when the season kicks off, one thing is for sure and that is that it is set to be one of the most exciting and entertain seasons for some time. Racing in the 250cc class had become a little stale, as the gap between the front teams and everyone else was so massive. Now with the playing field levelled, rider talent and product design is set to shine through once more.

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