Molex Inc Open Mobile Phone Product Development Facility in China

Posted: February 24th, 2010

News that Molex Incorporated has opened a mobile phone product development facility in Beijing outlines once again the importance of China in design and manufacturing. Beijing is the main focus of all mobile phone product development in China, where Molex will be providing front end solution support for mobile antenna and connector designs. They will be developed in collaboration customers.

Speed is of the essence in the mobile phone sector, with new products coming off the production line all the time. The Molex facility will support connector concept and antenna design – a crucial element of success in this highly competitive market.

Here at Applied Product Design we are mindful of the fantastic opportunities that are present in China at the moment – particularly in manufacture. We have fostered some strong relationships with facilities and factories out in China, which enables us to provide some exciting manufacturing opportunities for our clients – opportunities that are not present in manufacturing options closer to home.

If you have a concept you think the market will like, why not give us a call and see how we can develop it into a profitable product.

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