LG Raises Smartphone Innovation Bar Watch This Space

Posted: February 20th, 2009

Apple’s iPhone has given the mobile phone market a kick up the backside as rival manufacturers search for innovation to rival the huge success of the number one smartphone, and this week saw a number of new handsets that are set for release during 2009, none more innovative than LG’s Touch Watch (G910).

LG released detailed information about their latest mobile phone at the recent World Mobile Congress in Barcelona. The Touch Watch will allow users to step into the shoes of Michael Knight, Inspector Gadget and James Bond by chatting to their pals via video call simply by talking into the Touch Watch. I jest you not, the future is here…

The Touch Watch encompasses Bluetooth technology, plus 3G and touchscreen navigation, as well as looking sleek, sexy and a little bit unreal – post modernism gone mad, but I like it!

As O2 did with the iPhone, Orange has won exclusive rights to the LG G910 watch so, ahem, watch this space for a huge Orange ad campaign in the coming months, sure to feature a secret agent of some sort.

The Best Of The Rest In 2009

Nokia E55: Targeting the younger market regarding mobile e-mail. Similar in design to the BlackBerry Pearl, including a qwerty keypad. Think Blackberry fused with Tomy…

HTC Touch Pro: the latest rival to the iPhone – a smartphone that ustilises Google‘s Android operating system.

Sony Ericsson Idou: Sony Ericsson have once again targeted those who like their handsets to double up as high resolution digital cameras with this 12.1-megapixel camera phone, which should be available in time for Christmas.

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