‘Design Key To Future UK Wealth’: Design Council

Posted: July 13th, 2010

The Chief Executive of the Design Council, David Kester, has said that the design sector can be ‘the key to unlocking UK innovation and future wealth creation.”

The future of Britain’s economy is perhaps under more scrutiny now than it ever has been – as the realisation that over reliance on the financial and service sectors is more than a little risky. There was perhaps a time when it was believed that the UK was not the place to build things any longer – but the recession seems to have altered that view.

It seems certain that future wealth creation will rely on what traditionally Britons have been very good at – innovation. Coming up with new product design ideas that fulfil a demand in the market can lead to long term job creation in various fields.

At Applied product design we believe strongly in UK design, and its ability to contribute a great deal to the economy. Whether products are built in the UK or overseas, the country will benefit in the end. If you have an idea you think meets an unmet demand, get in touch with us today.

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