UV Water Sterilisation Product Design Wins UK Heat Of Dyson Award

Posted: August 31st, 2010

An inspiring piece of product design has come out of Loughborough University – a new drinking water sterilisation device that uses UV light to eliminate bacteria. The design was dreamt up by Timothy Whitehead, and has won the UK heat of the Dyson Award.

The new product sterilises water in just 90 seconds, much quicker than the 30 minutes that traditional chlorine and iodine tablets take – and without leaving a nasty taste.

As Timothy says: ‘I began to experiment with using ultraviolet light to sterilise water quickly, without any distortion to taste.’

Attaining clean drinking water is a very big issue in the developing world and in disaster situations where clean drinking water is very hard to come by. The design will be going up against international heat finalists for the main award – who wins will be decided by Dyson engineers, international judges and James Dyson himself.

While developing products that fit a gap in the market is one of the main focuses of Applied Product Design, there is particular delight when a design appears that helps the population of the world with a crucial need. Whether you have a unique idea for a piece of product design that solves a problem related to a luxury or a necessity, get in touch with us today to see how we can develop it to the degree where it ready to go to market.

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