New Product Design: Evolve LifeStation Gets Big Ticks From T3!

Posted: October 11th, 2010

After the successful release of the UK made Evolve LifeStation, the acclaimed gadget publication T3 has released a dazzling review of the one room AV hub entitled, ‘Evolve LifeStation: 10 Reasons to buy now’ The article is fuelling the buzz about this high end entertainment hub and the team at T3 seem pretty impressed, much to our delight as Applied product design worked with Passive Technologies to design and manufacture the model – all inside the UK!

As far as entertainment hubs go, the new Evolve LifeStation has to be the pick of the bunch. We found the project challenging as the end product speaks for itself; the LifeStation is a media server the likes of which few living rooms have seen before.

The new high-end device brings together the various elements of your digital world; playing and ripping Blu-rays, storing your digital music and images and slotting into a multi-room set up with ease. The striking design and top-notch build quality only hint at the cutting-edge technology contained within. The Evolve LifeStation has the ability to record 4 channels simultaneously (2 free view and 2 digital satellite), boasts support for Dolby True HD and DTS HD audio codecs (therefore connectable to a 7.1 channel speaker system), allows you to transfer all the major audio file types, and enables users to store CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays on its hard drive – for instant access.

If the generous 750Gb of storage isn’t enough, owners have the option to expand by a further 4TB or even 20TB, by adding one if the LifeStore add-ons. But the excitement doesn’t stop there. A free app means this can all be controlled by iPhone, Touch and iPad, and later this year a software update will enable Evolve LifeStore owners to watch 3D movies in their full stereoscopic splendour.

The Evolve LifeStore has been developed with the expertise of Applied Product Design, and has been manufactured in high end facilities in the UK. The Evolve LifeStore is one of the latest products that has benefitted from Applied Product Design’s long standing experience in bringing products to market, drawing on a wealth of in-house expertise and manufacturing contacts.

Summary of Project:

David Simpson from Passive Technologies approached Applied Product Design to assist in the design and launch of a new brand of media equipment called Evolve. The aim was to launch several different models, each with a unique set of features, enabling their customers to create their own multi-room, multi-media system. System capabilities had to include the recording, storing and playing of Blu-rays, DVDs, images and CDs, together with the ability to watch and record satellite TV and radio. The result was four Evolve products, the LifeStation, the LifeStream, the LifeStream Mini and the LifeStore server.

If you would like to know how Applied Product Design can help bring your idea to market in the same way, get in touch today.

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