What HiFi Continues Praise Of Evolve LifeStation

Posted: November 12th, 2010

Following T3’s recent highly positive review of the Evolve LifeStation, What HiFi has re-iterated the qualities of this high-end media centre in its December issue. The review – A media centre PC for the rest of us – point out that many attempts to create the ultimate media centre have fallen short of expectations, but that the LifeStation actually delivers. Applied Product Design are particularly happy to see the continued buzz about this dazzling piece of kit, since the team worked alongside Passive Technologies in order bring the product to market. And unlike many examples of high end technology currently on the market, the LifeStation was designed and built entirely in the UK.

The sleek simplicity of the LifeStation’s aesthetics are what immediately sets it apart from rival devices – looking most unlike a computer. But inside is where the real magic is: 64-bit Windows 7 Professional worksin unison with an Intel Core i3 chip to ensure the centre can cope with Blu-rays and DVDs as well as effortlessly timeshifting in both Freesat and Freeview. The generous 750Gb HD can be upgraded with ease, and as the What HiFi review points out, this huge capacity ensures 24fps 1080p video and Dolby 5.1 sound is delivered with consummate ease.

For more details on the unit’s specifications, check out our previous post here.

The Evolve LifeStation represents one of Applied Product Design’s highest profile success stories, manufactured at advanced facilities based within the UK. The combination of Passive Technologies’ wealth of expertise and knowledge was backed up by Applied Product Design’s own long-standing experience in bringing high end products to market – backed up by solid manufacturing relationships.

Re-cap of the project:
After being approached by David Simpson of Passive Technologies to assist in the design, manufacture and launch of a new breed of media centre,  Applied Product Design set about meeting the audacious brief. The plan was to create several different models, each boasting a unique set of high-end features. Requirements included the ability to play Blu-rays, DVDs, CDs and images, as well as to watch and record satellite television and radio. The LifeStation, the LifeStream, the LifeStream Mini and the LifeStore Server constituted the final quadruplet of Evolve media centre options.

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