An Evolve Media World First at CES 2011

Posted: February 21st, 2011

The world’s most stylish media server manufacturer, the United Kingdom’s Evolve Media, push the boundaries of the high end connected home with one of the first software devices to use the Windows Embedded Standard 7 platform for use exclusively within their award winning ‘life’ range of products. On show in partnership with Microsoft at CES, available for demonstration to the media at the Microsoft booth.

LONDON– Evolve Media, the industry’s most exciting and stylish custom media server manufacturer from the United Kingdom, announced today the launch of their all new embedded software media servers designed for integration into the connected home. The new software platform, dubbed ‘PRIME’, brings advancement through Windows Embedded Standard 7 technologies to its award winning products, including the lifeStation, lifeStream and lifeStream mini.

Building upon the award winning ‘life’ range of media server products, the new Evolve PRIME platform is one of the world’s first range of media server products based upon the Windows Embedded Standard 7 platform. Windows Embedded Standard 7 delivers the power, familiarity and reliability of the Windows 7 operating system in a highly customizable and componentized form for embedded devices.

David Simpson, Managing Director at Evolve, comments

“With the release of PRIME powered products, Evolve has furthered its commitment to providing all encompassing media servers with class leading ease of use, performance, reliability, specifically designed for the specialised custom installation and quality hi-fi markets.”

“We are excited to have a strategic relationship with the Microsoft Windows Embedded team. The investment and commitment Microsoft has made in the Windows Media Center functionality within Windows Embedded Standard 7 is outstanding.”

The Evolve ‘life’ range of products deliver an unrivalled AV experience for today’s connected home, not only ensuring interaction and compatibility with consumable media and associated devices, but also promoting the use of new technologies and control surfaces through simple upgrade paths to existing base equipment.

“As well as being delighted with the tremendous experience we’ve had and continue to have working with the Microsoft Windows Embedded team, we at Evolve understand how important the ‘back-end’ is to providing high quality products that meet the demands and needs of today’s consumers,”

stated Charlie Mertz, Commercial Director at Evolve.

“The incredible flexibility of the Windows Embedded Standard 7 platform has allowed us to create PRIME, an essential suite of services and applications that work in perfect harmony with established, robust features, such as Windows Media Center, enabling us to deliver the highest quality media experience in the connected home.”

The Windows Embedded Standard 7 platform has allowed Evolve to take advantage of key development and commercial drives such as the Shared Source program, embedded tools allowing a faster time to market, minimising development costs, and pay as you go licensing, all key to successes in higher end markets where volume is lower than mass retail, but where the experience from initial purchase, to installation and after sales support, is paramount.

Mertz continues:

“The PRIME platform allows us to integrate the very best that the AV world has to offer. Our products are primarily aimed at a high end market where quality and performance are givens. The experience our customers receive should continue for many many years to come, and with PRIME we can easily employ shared source techniques to bring upgrades to our products quickly and efficiently. Our customers currently enjoy the highest possible level of home entertainment performance, with control options and features that ensure that their investment into Evolve technology is a solid one. We’re delighted to go to market with a high-end Windows Embedded Standard 7 AV platform, and look forward to a bright future with the Evolve products. I’m sure all who see the product at CES 2011 will be suitably impressed!”

“Microsoft is pleased to work alongside Evolve Media in providing reliable, high performance AV servers, such as the PRIME platform, to create a seamless, integrated and connected media device,” said Mark Pendergrast, senior product manager for Microsoft’s Windows Embedded business. “Our collaboration with Evolve Media leverages the Windows Embedded Standard 7 platform to present consumers with a rich and engaging home entertainment experience, and furthers our commitment in helping manufacturers build innovative devices of all types.”

The Evolve ‘life’ range of products consists of the lifeStation, the lifeStream, the lifeStream mini, and the lifeStore home server. Control options are vast thanks to the lifeControl software that runs on all the products, and interfaces are readily available for major home control systems as well as popular consumer handheld devices. Whether the need or desire is a single room media server system, or a large multiroom AV solution, Evolve media have the products to fit.

The lifeStation has recently been awarded ‘Best Buy 2011’ What HiFi magazine December 2010, for media servers up to a value of £5,000 thanks to class leading performance with all media such as Blu-ray, DVD, CD, digital music and video formats, as well as comprehensive online content capabilities and support for multiple languages. Using only the very best hardware components and advanced software techniques, the Evolve ‘life’ products bring media to life, reaffirming their living appliance status, and ultimately becoming a trusted member of the family at home.

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