Toshiba Target The YouTube Generation

Posted: March 16th, 2009

The Flip Mino was looking like being the camcorders equivalent of the iPod, yet competitors are determined to stop that from happening, and following Kodak’s impressive HD alternative to the Flip, Toshiba have thrown their hat into the ring.

toshiba camileo s10 camcorderThe Japanese giant are to release two HD camcorders in the UK in May, that retail at just 100 and 130 pounds only. Like Creative’s Vado HD, the Flip Mino HD (not yet available in the UK) and Kodak’s Z16, Toshiba’s two offerings, the P10 and S10, has some advantages over its competitors, not least the low price.

The P10 and S10 boast 5 megapixel digital photo capabilities which outstrips that of the Kodak Zi6 which only has a 2 megapixel camera. The Vado and Mino don’t carry still photo functions.

These mini HD handhelds are becoming increasingly popular, especially considering their low prices for such quality High Definition filming. Toshiba’s models offer instant YouTube upload functions as well as SD card capability, which will be required due to the paltry 128MB internal memory.

The S10 is slightly more expensive than the P10 simply because it is slimmer and sleeker, and therefore, cooler. Both models are likely to be a success when they hit the market as the YouTube generation continues to evolve.

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