Sony Motionflow Brings The Cinema To Your Living Room

Posted: April 9th, 2009

The latest LCD offering from Sony is set to be a huge hit with its 200 Hz technology enabling the viewer to sit in awe at the smooth and sharp picture quality that has never before been seen.
Conventional TVs output 50 frames per second, but Sony’s new range of Motionflow 200Hz TVs output four times as many frames per second, bringing near cinema quality into your home.


You may have seen the new Motionflow TV ad featuring Brazilian football star, Kaka being projected via the BRAVIA-Drome – the world’s largest zoetrope.
The Sony Motionflow range also offers a 100Hz LCD TV which impresses also but it is the 200Hz model which is sure to be very popular as Sony look to take the TV market to another level yet again.
Although fairly highly priced, with the 40 inch from 1,849 to the 52 inch from 2,649, the Motionflow is well worth forking out for as it provides a crispness of viewing pleasure that will leave you glued to the screen all evening. Not advisable for families with obese children!

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