Product Development

Essex based company Applied Product Design has spent many years improving itís product design, industrial design and product development procedures and treats all its enquiries with the time and effort that the client would expect, whilst maintaining complete confidentiality. Listed below are some of the stages that most of our projects would go through:


Discussions with the client to confirm the specification that their industrial design may require. This can include working with a specification that the client has already written, through to liaising with them to write a document to meet their needs. When the specification has been agreed Applied Product Design can generate a quotation to include all the clients requirements. During the specification of a product design or industrial design, research and assistance can be given with respect to IPRís such as Patent, Trademark, Design Registration and Copyright as required.

Product Design

Once the client has agreed the specification and quotation the product design and product development procedure can be put underway. Modern Computer Aided Design techniques can be used for many designs, whether for overall product design, Mechanical Design, Moulding Design, Metalwork, or Electronic Design. These techniques can be used to ensure accuracy and ease of manufacturing including printed circuit boards, or any other required components.

Product Prototype

Assuming the product required not being a one off, and the product design or industrial design has been generated to the clientís requirements, a prototype or sample can be produced. The prototype, or one off, can then be used to check that all the specifications have been met, and then used for any testing procedure that may be required. Further testing can then be done to ensure compliance with relevant British or European standards, as required by the product or client.

Any changes that may be required to the product following the prototype phase of the development can be completed next. Included in this would be ensuring the product was ready for the production levels required by the client.

Technical Files

Due to CE marking, other legislation, or clientís requirements most products now require technical files to be written. Using data and information from the stages described above, Applied Product Design can compile these files.

Prototype Production

Once our engineers, and most importantly the client is happy with the stages described above, the product is then ready for production. We have the facilities to do this either on site in the UK, or Off Shore using one of our Global Sourcing partners that we have strong links with. Our UK facilities include:-

  • Metal Working
  • Metal Welding
  • Ultrasonic Welding
  • Airless Encapsulation
  • Press Tools
  • Mechanical Assembly
  • Electronic Assembly


During the product design / industrial design, product development and production stages we will use the procedures laid out in our BS EN ISO 9001 quality system to monitor that all the stages have been carried out correctly. This will ensure that the customerís requirements are covered with the highest standards of attention to detail.

Current / Previous Projects

Examples of some of the areas that we have worked on in recent years include the following:-

  • Computer Appliance design and manufacture
  • Chassis & Enclosure Design & Approvals
  • Electronic Design and Manufacture
  • Product Development
  • Point of Sale display controls Design & Manufacture.
  • Computerised test
  • Electronic test equipment
  • Electronic Control Equipment
  • Products used in the rehabilitation industry

Prototypes in electronic design and mechanical design have been seen through to completion by Applied. We are also proud to have contributed to the European car production lines for a major manufacturer as well as tractor assembly plants in South America and Britain.

With the above outline of what we can do, please use our contact page to get in touch, and let us know how we can help? The quicker you contact us the quicker we can help you!