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Product Design

Whether you run a business and are looking for a partner to help you design, develop and manufacture a product concept, or whether you are an individual with an original product idea, Applied Product Design is uniquely positioned to help bring your concepts to market. With many years of experience in electronic design, industrial PC and computer solutions, together with expertise in metalwork, moulding and enclosures, our team is perfectly placed to offer guidance and advice on the entire process, from start to finish. With additional assistance related to IPRs such as patent, trademark, registration and copyright, Applied Product Design offers the complete product design solution, from concept to manufacture.

We understand how precious your product design ideas are, which is why we can set up a confidentiality agreement if required - so you can discuss your ideas with us in confidence.

Whatever stage your product is at, our team can offer consultancy and facilities together with hands-on development services that combine cost effectiveness with the very latest technology.

Design Consultation

Applied Product Design's team has a wealth of experience covering idea generation, concept development, testing and implementation - with a particular focus on manufacturing. We have shepherded many products through the design process to full manufacture, and therefore understand the importance of a cost effective design - helping ensure your product provides a genuine return in the long term. The combination of development skills and high end offshore manufacturing capabilities makes Applied Product Design a powerful ally to help bring your concept to market.

Core Expertise in:

  • Moulding Design
  • Metalwork / Enclosure Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • Computer Design
  • Electronics Design

We utilise the very latest product development techniques, including Computer Aided Design (CAD) with which to generate 3D images that can then be turned in models or prototypes.

Industrial Design

Aesthetics and usability are at the heart of product design. Our broad industrial design skill set ensures form and function, and the connection between product and user, informs everything we do - providing your product with the very best chance of success.

Product Development

If your concept is in the initial stages of development and is still some way off being ready for market, Applied Product Design is well placed to assist. Whether you have basic sketches or an initial prototype, our product development team can turn it into a design ready for production. This process might include testing and writing the required technical files needed to achieve certification and approval for the target market. We can then produce your design for you in UK based production facilities - or in higher volumes in offshore facilities offering cost reductions.

Industrial PC & Computer Solutions

We have designed and manufactured a great deal of complex products that involve a computer appliance, or industrial PC. If your concept requires computing technology, electronics or interfacing, contact us today to discuss how we can assist.


Our core business originated in the design and manufacture of electronic control equipment to meet our customers' specific requirements. This then lead many years ago into single chip microprocessor controlled products, which are used in many of our designs today. A wide range of computer appliance, industrial PC and other computer solutions have been developed in order to meet our customers' needs.

We can design, develop and manufacture all components of your product, from enclosures, mouldings and metalwork, through to electronics and computer technology if required; from simple circuits that may involve single chip microprocessors through to full computer solutions. We can then manufacture these designs from one offs through to volume production, which can be carried out in the UK, or if required, off shore using one of our trusted partners.

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