In 2009 David Simpson from Passive Technologies Ltd. approached Applied Product Design when he wanted to design and launch the new Evolve brand of media equipment. Passive Technologies had already been involved with multi room media equipment for many years prior to designing the new range, so had plenty of experience in knowing what their customers wanted.


The new range of Evolve products that Passive were looking to launch included many different models, each with their own unique range of features to enable their customers to build a full multi room, multimedia system. The range had to be capable of recording, storing and playing Blu-rays, DVDs, Photos, CDs and to watch and record satellite, TV and radio. The units required were:


This product had to be capable of being used as a standalone device, or as part of a multi room system. It had to be capable of recording, storing and playing all of the forms of media listed above, depending on the options specified.


This product had to do the majority of the things on the LifeStation specification, however it also had to include a high specification 2 channel audio amplifier, but without the option of a satellite and TV tuner.

LifeStream Mini

This product needed to be similar to the LifeStream in that it should be capable of playing back all the various media types, however in a more compact size, so foregoing the built in amplifier and optical drive.


This had to be the server for a full multi room system, capable of up to 20Tb storage.


Although Passive Technologies had some strong ideas on the components and specifications of the various products in the range, they required help with some of the interfacing, safety, EMC, testing and getting the range into production. As such Applied Product Design provided help in the following areas:

  • Consultancy on electronic design
  • Audio earthing problem resolution
  • USB Eject design
  • Various PCB's designed including fascia and interfacing
  • Power and cooling problems resolved
  • Electrical safety design and implementation
  • EMC guidance
  • Fast prototyping
  • Custom component sourcing
  • Production consultancy & solution

Applied Product Design has taken Passive Technologies' initial enquiry and designs, resolved all the problems, designed and manufactured some of the components, and seen the new Evolve range through to production, which we handle here in-house in the UK.


The following components were designed for the Evolve range

  • Interface PCB's
  • Fascia PCB
  • USB interface

Technical Files and CE Marking (European Conformity)

In order that the Evolve range could be sold into the marketplaces that Passive Technologies required, CE marking was needed. For this to be achieved Applied Product Design wrote the technical files for the product and ensured that it met the required safety standards.

Production & Future

Once the design, prototypes and testing had been completed, the Evolve range was ready for production. This we have been undertaking using our onsite UK manufacturing facility. This included designing and sourcing the packaging required to protect the Evolve products whilst being transported to its many and varied end users.

We have also designed and prototyped another product for the range, which is currently going through an intensive testing program, and should be launched on the market later in the year.


"Applied Product Design worked closely with the Evolve engineering team to deliver a family of complex customer electronic products. The Applied Product Design team specifically played a critical role in designing the electronic circuits, providing consultancy for EMI and thermal design and then finally took sole responsibility for the smooth transition of the products from prototyping to manufacture. The involvement of Applied Product Design has be instrumental in the successful launch of the new Evolve product range. Their proactive and innovative approach to problem solving ensured the Evolve products have been successfully delivered to market on time and within budget. We look forward to using their services for future development projects"

David Simpson