The bigredbox® project started in April 2005, when we were first approached by Bigred. The requirement was to assist in transforming a generic server solution into a plug and play server appliance.


The idea for the product grew out of the needs for Bigred and its own group’s system requirements for a less complex server solution. During the few years prior to contacting Applied Product Design Bigred had been developing the original software that would end up in the bigredbox®. They then required a hardware platform on which to run the software and so complete the solution. Although Bigred had some strong ideas on some of the key components they wished to use for the project, they required help to develop the chassis, interfacing sub assemblies and other components required to complete the product ready for manufacture and sale. They also required a manufacturing facility for the bigredbox® once the initial product development had been completed.


Applied Product Design started on the design of the chassis during mid 2005. The design was done in such a way as to give maximum mounting options for the bigredbox®, including 19" rackmount and wall mount. During the product development several prototype chassis were produced to enable testing, both for Bigred to test components, and also for Applied Product Design to complete environmental and EMC tests. The final design met all of Bigred’s expectations in looks and functionality for the product.

The Components

In order to complete the bigredbox® several sub assemblies and custom cable assemblies were required. These included two different PCB assemblies and some cable looms for interfacing the various components. Applied Product Design designed these components, made prototypes, and then setup their production using its onsite UK manufacturing facilities. Without these customised components it would have been very difficult to achieve the complete computer appliance that Bigred required.


During the product design and development Applied Product Design assisted Bigred in obtaining various trademarks.

Technical Files and CE

In order that the bigredbox® could be sold into the marketplaces that Bigred required, CE marking was needed. For this to be achieved Applied Product Design wrote the technical files for the product and ensured that it met the required safety standards. We also organised and oversaw the EMC testing required at our local facility, which gave Bigred the confidence that the design met the required standards.


Once the design, prototypes and testing had been completed the bigredbox® was ready for production. This we have been undertaking using our onsite UK manufacturing facility. The bigredbox® server appliance is a product that we also use in our own IT infrastructure, where it greatly aids our day to day communication with its easy to use interfaces.


"I would like to thank Paul and all at Applied Product Design for all their hard work with the bigredbox®."

"We came to them with our software, ideas and platform for the solution and from the start the team at Applied Product Design added value. The drafts, designs and prototype were all completed way ahead of schedule, even when we asked for changes to the project. Paul and the team really understood what we needed, at each step, and took us through the whole process. It was great to see the bigredbox® complete its design stage and then sail through the EMC and CE tests, again overseen by Applied Product Design. The result of our work together is the high quality product sold to the UK market, and a relationship that continues to strengthen the bigredbox®."

"Applied Product Design's abilities in design and manufacture allow us to cover the UK market, and I would without reservation recommend to anyone the services that Paul and the team provide."

Neil Barnett - Bigred

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