Electro Mechanical Assembly

Applied Product Design has been working in the UK field of Electro Mechanical Assembly for over 30 years now. The range of products manufactured is wide and varied including:-

  • Rehabilitation and daily living equipment, including bathing aids, patient handling and lifting equipment and their controllers, battery assemblies and battery chargers.
  • Cable assemblies and wiring looms
  • Chassis Wiring
  • Test Equipment
  • Product Assembly
  • Computer Appliance
  • Multimedia Equipment

PCB Assembly

Applied Product Design also has over 30 years experience in PCB Assembly (Printed Circuit Board Assembly). This is either to a PCB Design that we have created specifically for our clients, or to a PCB design that a client already had. We also offer to handle the entire component purchasing or kitting, including the bare board manufacture, although we equally happy if a customer wishes to free issue any components.

We have a wide range of component suppliers in the UK, US and China as well as direct links with manufacturers in China as a result of spending many years building strong relationships , which enable us to buy high quality parts at very competitive prices. We have also helped out many clients who have been stuck with a component which they thought was difficult to source or obsolete, yet our buying team has still found a source!

Once manufactured all the individual PCB's are fully tested, in many cases, using our own designed and manufactured test equipment, which was specifically designed for each PCB variant.

Electronic Assembly

Applied Product Design manufacturing skills encompass far more than just PCB assembly. We also have electronic assembly facilities in house, in the UK, for Cable loom manufacture, complete with wire cut and strip equipment, crimping equipment etc. In addition we also have encapsulation and ultrasonic welding equipment to provide a complete in house service for our customer's requirements.

All electronic assembly work is carried out to our ISO 9001:2008 quality system.

Mechanical Assembly

In order to complete a product or supply a complete service to most of our customers, Applied Product Design provides a Mechanical Assembly service. This is provided through both UK Mechanical Assembly Services, and Manufacturing in China

We also take care to advise our customers on the best materials and technologies available as well as looking for cost savings by simplifying the Mechanical Assembly where possible, whilst maintaining the quality required.

We assemble moulded products, metalwork, enclosures, mechanical kits, including their testing and final inspection, and this includes managing the BOM's and organising the procurement.

Technical Files and CE

Applied Product Design writes and maintains the technical files where required for many of the products that we have designed for our clients, in order that they comply with their CE requirements.


At Applied Product Design we take care to ensure that the production of all the items that we make is supplied to suit the customers' specific needs. This varies from individual shipments or consignment stock, or Kan Ban etc. For some of our customers we also organise the paperwork and shipping direct to our customer's clients to reduce overall shipping costs.


If you would like to read about what our customers think about the services we provide, and what we have done for them, then please look through some of our project profiles