Project Profiles

Over the years Applied Product Design and its team have designed, and on the majority of occasions manufactured a wide variety of products. These have ranged from electronics to computers, mouldings to games. Some of these products were our own ideas, some were designs for clients. Many of these products are still in production.

To give you an idea of some of these projects, then please have a look through the variety listed on this menu. This list does not cover everything we have done, as some projects are confidential. In addition we have not yet written up some of our older projects, and we are always adding new ones! So please look back on a regular basis to read about the wide variety of areas we have designed and worked in.

For more detailed descriptions please click on picture or project name. The detailed descriptions will also be expanded on over the coming weeks.


The management of Gaugemaster chose Applied Product Design approximately 10 years ago when they wanted to outsource the manufacturing of their various model railway controllers.


Evolve Media has a sprawling eco-system of media servers including the one-room AV hub, LifeStation. Centralising all your digital entertainment in one entertainment hub, this line of high-end UK manufactured domestic digital entertainment solutions are cutting edge and high spec.

Please see clients website:-


Iceblading is a new concept in learning how to ice skate without the ice.

Success in the Dragon's Den - See how the Dry Ice Blade faired in the Den by viewing our Iceblading in the Dragons' Den.

Iceblading is a new concept in learning how to learn to ice skate with out the ice. Please see clients website:-


A game for all ages from 5 upwards that involves rolling a ball bearing around a track whilst trying to avoid the holes along the way.


A computer server appliance for 5 to 100 users that meets the demands of businesses looking for a licence free, fast and easy to implement server solution.

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A kneepad for patient handling equipment currently used on a Locomotor Rota Stand which is used to assist in the transfer of patients from one seated position to another.


A custom computer harware platform, with one of its uses as a computer appliance for the sending of secure emails.

Furniture Raiser

An adjustable furniture raiser that can be used for chairs, beds and tables with legs as well as for armchairs and divan beds.


A moulded tray with a fold out handle to enable use with one hand. Ideal if you either need to hold onto something whilst carrying it, or if you wish to carry two trays at once!

Hoist Controller

Patient lifting hoist control equipment, includes controller and hand control for remote operation.

Battery Charger

A variety of battery chargers for a range of batteries including 12 and 24 volt.